Friday, May 4, 2018

100 WC week #29

The Mask

      "Hahaha." I giggled to myself as I hid behind a nearby tree. I was going to scare my friend Ruby with my new cool mask I got for the summer-ween festival. "Oh, here she comes," I say to myself, "3...2...1, BOO!" I shouted
  "Ahhhhhhh!!" She screamed as she was frantically running into the misty crimson field. I went to go search for her, and I found her with a gash in her knee. And the second I saw her crying and in pain, I knew I made a grave mistake.   

Saturday, April 21, 2018

100 WC week #27

The sprinting team

   “Did you make it on to the sprinting team, Karen?” Ray asked.
“Yeah. How about you?” Karen responded.
“Yay we get to sprint together!”
   Later that day, Karen and Ray went to practice. But when they got there the found out they had to sprint 100 meters.
“Oh my gosh!” Ray exclaimed.
“Why do we have to run that far?” Karen added.
“I don’t know but we will do it anyway.”
   They started running really fast, but although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

100WC week #22


     Dashing through the door I hollered, "Mommy! Look at what daddy got me!" Holding in my hand a goldfish, with brown bubbly eyes. As I walked into the living room to put Goldy in her tank, I saw my dad struggling to change the light bulb. "Hey, daddy. Maybe Goldy can help."       
"Okay, Kiddo." I handed Goldy to my dad. Holding Goldy in one hand and a light bulb in the other, Goldy slipped from his hands and flew from the ladder. Before I know it I was walking slowly with Goldy in my hands over to the toilet. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

100 WC week #21

The matree statues

     Hello, it's Chloe Kim reporting to you live from Surrey B.C. park. I'm here to report that there is a new statue in the park. This statue represents a type of tai chi. It's a very calming meditation that relieves stress and brings people together. But the tree part in this statue is representing the aboriginal peoples before us. They were tree people, also known as matree people. I'm Chloe Kim reporting live, back to you Nancy.    

Thursday, February 8, 2018

100 WC week #19

The Flood

                 Dear Diary, 
      Swoosh, it came down the drainpipe. It has been a total down poor for the past two weeks! And now everyone in Florida is packing their bags because the weather reporters are saying, that there will be a gigantic flood. Well thanks mother nature! Luckily, I'm already packed and my family and I have a plan to move to Canada. So I think I'm going to survive this thing. I hope. But just incase these are my last words, I'm going to...
"Weoo, weoo, weoo!"
Uh oh! The flood warning! Well off to Canada I go.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

100 WC week #17

Chinese New Year

    Before I cycled out the door, I checked the clock. It blinked, "9:45." 
"I still have 15 minutes." I said to myself. As I continued to scamper out the door, I saw a large crowd of people. Everyone was wearing red. And so was I. Trying to snake through the crowd, I made it, right up front and centre. That's the best spot for the Chinese Dragon dance. Anxiously waiting, I lit my lantern. Staring at its beautiful yellow glow, the dragon had finally, arrived. After the dance had come to an end, we all started following the dragon and sang.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

100 WC week #14


   We hired a baboon! Okay, we hired him because well, we wanted to try something advanced. Plus he was head of his class. On his first day, he was tremendous at his job. But about a week later he changed. We gave him a laptop, sense that's his job, but I guess he thought it was his lunch break. Because when we gave him the laptop, he made a powerful monkey squeal and chucked the laptop off the desk and it smashed into a million pieces. After that, we got him a banana and he was fine. I don't know why he flipped. I guess some people can't work when they're starved.    

100 WC week #29

The Mask       "Hahaha." I giggled to myself as I hid behind a nearby tree. I was going to scare my friend Ruby with my new c...